Crochet: Not as easy as it looks

This week I have mainly being practising my crochet and trying to expand my product choices. I have mostly mastered the crocheted flower and can now do quite a few different types. I can even add leaves to the flower.

But my head quickly turns by all the gorgeous pictures I browse on Pinterest of cute looking Amigurumi animals. There are thousands and not just animals but lovely looking dolls, superheroes for the kids and characters from all manner of television shows. I definitely get carried away and want to run before I can walk.

However, I decided to be sensible and start with something small – a snail which was titled easy. It was NOT easy, at all. I tried a few rows but soon got lost. I started again and the same thing happened. After a couple more tries I gave up. Next I attempted a small teddy bear. I thought maybe something less tiny and fiddly may be easier. This project ended in more success. Apart from the fact that the teddy bear looked quite like a koala and as one person told me a mouse. Well at least it looked like an animal and that’s a start. As well as practice to make the koala/ mouse look like a teddy I also need to work on the stitching being close together so you can not see through to the stuffing. I think this will improve each time I try.20170628_113028

So my plan should be to continue growing products in my flower line, adding brooches, key rings, headbands and hair slides. Then when I have perfected these move on to teddy bears and small animals, then when I have lots more experience the characters and dolls. But will my willpower resist the beautiful dolls? It wouldn’t harm to give it a go would it?

Come back next week and see what I’ve been making (and if it was a success). Check out my Pinterest account for lots of pictures of Amigurumi animals and other amazing crafts I’d love to have a go at Pankhurstbydesign Pinterest Account

Before I go I want to mention how much You Tube has helped me and how I never could have learnt to crochet without it. There are so many lovely people teaching many different products, I can basically learn anything. I’m not sure if it’s okay to mention them here or link to their channels but once I find out I’ll tell you my favourites.


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